WordStat: Number of Websites Using WordPress

It’s time to share some cool statistics about WordPress! In this first edition of WordStat: the growth of WordPress usage worlwide. Let me provide you with a teaser: it’s HUGE. Back in 2008, when I started using WordPress, it powered somewhere around 3% of all websites. There was fierce competition going on, and I wasn’t even sure whether I should use WordPress or another CMS. In fact, it would have been regarded a wise decision then if I had chosen Drupal. But I didn’t.

Oh, how times have changed. Currently, WordPress powers 27.1% of the web. It’s still gaining about 3 percentage points of the market each year, which is pretty amazing. See for yourself!


WordPress yearly usage average from 2008 to 2016.

By the way, there’s somewhere in the neighbourhood of 180 million websites online. Which means WordPress powers a staggering 48 million websites!

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