WordStat: Ratings of WordPress Plugins

After sharing some interesting details on the usage of WordPress trough time in the previous WordStat, the new WordStat has arrived! And this time, we’re taking a look at…

Plugin ratings!

I’ve done a bit of research, and it turns out that a very big portion of all WordPress reviews is 5-star. Nearly nobody feels like a plugin deserves a 2-star or 3-star review, and apparently leaving a 1-star review it is still a rather popular way of expressing your displeasure at the failure of a plugin doing what you want it to do.

So far, in 2016, approximately 90,000 plugin reviews have been left by WordPress users. Considering the number of WordPress plugins currently in the repository, that’s a little less than 2 reviews per plugin. That’s… kinda disappointing. I’ll take a look at the distribution of the number of reviews some time, but I expect that a very small share of all plugins account for a very large part of all reviews.


The average WordPress plugin has a rating of 4.51, so if your plugin has a rating higher than that, you’re doing okay. If your plugin has a rating lower than that… well, let’s just say you’re plugin is in the 36% of rated plugins with a rating lower than the average.

That’s all for this WordStat!